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Real Estate With more than 25 years in the Real Estate development business Mike Fisher knows how to maximize your “curb appeal” making those photographs pop. Completed projects includes Hotels, Shopping Centers, Retailer and Homes. Assignments are taken on a per fee bases as each location needs to be treated differently to accomplish the purpose of the project.

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Event Photography

Photography by Mike Fisher has been shooting events for more than five years. These events range from the New Jersey Bar-B-Q Championship to Corporate Golf Events. Onsite services are provided to ensure on time delivery of the photographs providing individual photographs for each participate. Events can also include new store openings, ribbon cutting, award dinners or charity events such as 5 K runs or Golf outings. 

Personal Photography Events such as personal family events, sports teams, dances and other occasions are photographed; all are quoted per job.

Small Product

Photography Photography by Mike Fisher provides excellent small product photography to be use on the web, presentations or as part of a catalog. All products are shot knowing that the product might be display in different media.

All services are provided with a proposal detailing all costs. As it is near impossible to know what each job will be in detail, a full proposal will be present prior to any commitment for approval. The proposal outlines the deliverables, price and dates of service. At that time changes will be made so a final cost estimate will be set forth and agreed.

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